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Van Halen Tabs

Van Halen II Tabs

Beautiful Girls Tab

			Beautiful Girls  
		 	 by Van Halen

			transcribed by
 		  Eric Larson

Main Riff (intro)		1,2,3| 4

Verses (slightly muted)
----------4---P------ Etc. He does simple variations on this throughout
------2-4-5--4-O-4---      The verses.

Bridge (These are the chords, I'm not going to try to notate the rythmn)
F#/A / / / / /	         B / / / / / / / / / /
..What a sweet....
whith a little ...

E    F# G        A      B   C
Here I am,  Your ma...
E   F#  G        A      B  C
All I need, Is a ....
G     C      D       E
Ahhhh yeah, ....

(And in the outro chorus he does this:)
D    A              E
Ahhh yeah, ....

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