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ModelPre-Amp TubesPower TubesSpeakerComments
65055150 III 212QGWCVRBBAYJ85IDWXF Where are you located ? I want to come to you one of these days
65055150 III 212I have a small question
5150 III 50W HeadECC 83S6L6GCOther (include in comments)no modifications
51506L66L65150 III 112
5150 III 50W Headstockstock5150 III 112Dual consentric knob (volume/gain) circut modification done in August 2020. Fender issued mod
5150 III 100W HeadOther (include in comments)Use with a Marshall 1960A cab
51505150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III Limited EditionOther (include in comments)Great amp,suits me perfectly !Comments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III 50W Head5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
51505150 III 212Comments and modifications to your 5150
51505150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III 212 ComboStockStockOther (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150
5150evh 5150iii lbxstockOther (include in comments) loud MF at 4 watts love it.
51505150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
515016 special designCelestion50 watt 12AX71 to 50watts RMSinto 4,8,or16Ohms5150 III 112Comments and modifications to your 5150none wow awesome amp I love it!!
5150 212 ComboJJ ElectronicJJ Electronic5150 212 ComboNo modifications have been made by myself, but recessed handles have been fitted in the sides of the amp, and wheels fitted on the bottom.
5150 III 212 Combo5150 212 ComboI guess there was a bad batch of plastic knobs that crack/break. Mine was missed two knobs from the store and 5 others are cracked. They will be replaced with a new set.
5150chineseslylvania 6l65150 SlantNone,was designed perfect by the man EDDIE VAN HALEN ,no need to mess with perfection
5150 212 Combo5150 III 212I mailed the supplied Owner's Registration card twice to 8860 E. Chaparral Road Suite 100, Scottsdale, AX 85250-2610 and was returned to me unable to forward both times.
5150 III 100W Head5150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III 50W HeadStockStockOther (include in comments)Power tubes left factory "cold" at 15ma. I had it biased to 30ma
5150 IIIj jj j5150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 IIGroove Tubes 12-AX7Groove Tubes 6L6-GEOther (include in comments)My favorite amp head I have ever had, And I have five different heads. Using two different cab set-ups depending on the gig. Either(2) Krank 1x12 cabs with Eminence V12 speakers or a Marshall 1960 4x12 with vintage 30's.
5150peaveypeavey5150 SlantComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 IIIJJJJOther (include in comments)No Mods. Running a Framus Dragon 412 speaker cab.
5150 IIWatford Valve Cryo EH 12ax7Watford Valve Cryo JJ 6L6. Other (include in comments)Bias mod. Running into a Krank Rev 4x12 with Celestion V30's. Maxon od808 with tc electronic g major.
51505150 StraightCompletely untouched yet still a killer amp!
5150 212 Combo5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150JJ12AX7AJJ6L6Other (include in comments)No modifications to my 5150 that I know of sounds amazing I play through a Mesa 212 closed back cab with Celestion classic super lead 80s
5150 IIJJJJ5150 SlantBought this 5150II used but the owner is the original owner and it is like new! he had jsut re-tubed it with all JJ pre and power tubes. I love this amp EVERY NOTE sustains!
5150 IIJJSovtekOther (include in comments)Running the amp through a Carvin Slant 4 x 12 loaded with Eminence Private Jack (Green Back Clones). Went with the Carvin cab because it is made of Ply-Wood, not particle board or MDF as almost all cabinets are made of.
5150?sovtekOther (include in comments)blue 5150 head with blue A cabinet and black B cabinet
5150 212 Comboeuro tubes high gaineurotubes high gain5150 212 Comboin put/ out put mercury magnetics, power choke, tubes/ bias mods, red tolex/ white expanded metal grille. thanks rylee customs on the electronix!!!!! jimmy mack knows his shit!
5150 III5150 IIIComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III??5150 IIIComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III??5150 IIIComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 III5150 StraightGot 5150iiithe full stack....I saw on ebay a brand new randy rhoads Marshall head I run the Evh into the Marshall and use Evh tone is unbelievable .... been playing for I got eddie and randy hooked together! !!!!!
5150 212 Combo5150 212 ComboOne of the best combo out there, I wish i got one a long time ago!
5150 212 ComboRuby Tubes 12AX7Groove Tubes 6L6 GE5150 212 ComboReplaced stock 12AX7s with Ruby Tubes 12AX7s and stock 6L6s with Groove Tubes 6L6 GEs. Bias potentiometer also installed.
5150 II12ax7Groove Tubes 6L6-geOther (include in comments)new tubes have been installed on the preamp and power sections. amp is a 9.75 out of a 10. The best studio amp we have.
5150 IIIOther (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150 using a marshall lead 1960
5150JJ'sJJOther (include in comments)Awesome when used with Rola Celestion G12-65 speakers 4X12 and wired series parallel at 16 ohms , they are the best complement to the 5150 also use a Peavey Adverb prog # 85 delay. This is real brown sound folks were talkin VH1 1979 tones here and not the later wimpy 1984 tones we learned to hate.
5150Tung Sol and othersSED Winged COther (include in comments)10pF cap mod
5150 IIIStock Pre Amp TubesStock Power Amp TubesOther (include in comments) Using a Basson 8ohm, 4x12, 300watt cabinet, with a 7 string ESP Viper guitar.
5150jj tesla(quad) JJ tesla 6L6 5150 SlantComments and modifications to your 5150 No mods. All stock. Had that famous angry hornet buzz and scalded pussy-cat hiss these amps are known for but recently for neccesity,I swapped one pair of JJ 6L6's for a pair of tung-sol 6L6's.This mixed value set of tubes has made this amp sound infinitly smoother. The hiss is largely gone and the "ice pick in the forehead" effect has been marginalized. This amp has been in the garage for years but it now sits proudly in the studio with his long forlorn brethren.
5150 IIIfactoryfactoryOther (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150
5150 StraightCool site.
5150JJ5150 StraightGrill back plate removal
5150 IIStockStock5150 SlantStock 5150 II half stack. Love this amp. It's the amp I've been looking for since I first heard the 1st Van Halen album in 1979. Eddie's tone is amazing and I knew that his tone is exactly what I've been hearing in my own head. I've had Marshall's, Crate's, Carvin's and numerous off the wall brands and the Peavey 5150 is the one I been waiting for. I use the NEW Fender-made Wolfgang, Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP (upgraded) and a Charvel EVH Art Series (3 color stripes) so my tone in complete. If I had to make one suggestion it would be to have the clean channel more Fender sounding for a completely versatile sounding amp. But, I'm not complaining.
515012AX7 factory6L6 factory5150 SlantNothing its all a factory. signature model head, slant 5150 speaker cab with 4 12" speakers. dosent sound like it used to never had a good clean channel, needs to be re tubed. but very reliable never any problems.
groove tubesgroove tubesOther (include in comments)Groove tubes!all the way.talked to scott McDonough frm bleeding through at a show and he swore by mesa tubes,dude nothin but tone dead waste of $!
515012ax7JJ'sOther (include in comments)I have an original 5150 with JJ's and 1 mullard 12ax7. This is a not at all lean (fat) rocken machine, it's fat. Couple this amp with a cab made from Baltic berch and loaded with Rola Celesion 65's (15 ohm ) and you will have the rig of dreams. Real deal Eruption tones. Listen to the mids and roll them back a little add some delay and a touch of verb and you are then a rock star. Do it you will be amazed.
5150 IIRubyRubyOther (include in comments)Using a Marshall 1960A Cab And soon going to switch out 2 speakers to Vintage 30's on X pattern format.
5150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 IIIOther (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150
6505+stockstockOther (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150 I use 1 straight front Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 4-12 Cabinet
5150 III5150 IIIHead and Cab both signed by EVH personally - both were used in the various photo shoots in guitar magazines when the EVHs were initially released.
5150Other (include in comments)mod by voodoo is great...alot tone...worth every pennie
5150originaloriginalOther (include in comments)the cab is slanted, custom made by Axemusic, loaded with Celestions
5150 IIStockStock Sovtek 6L6wxt+Other (include in comments)This thing is bone stock, I have only took it in for service once bacause my post gain on the rhythm channel was cutting in & out. It still has the stock tubes in it. I play the S--t out of this thing and it's an F---ing workhorse. I run it through a straigt Marshall 1960A cabinet. I wish I had the 5150 cabinet, but the Marshall doe's okay.
5150STOCKStock5150 SlantComments and modifications to your 5150
5150stock (yep, over a decade old and still good)JJ'sOther (include in comments)bought used back somewhere around '94 from this Christian rock dude. been playing it all these years through a pair of old ADA split stack 2x12's. Plan on getting the 5150 cab or a 4x12 with v30's in it.Amp has been through hell and was almost left for dead but I brought it back from the brink. The fact that this amp has survived me for damn near two decades is a testimonial to it's ruggedness. The tone from this amp is awsome but needs the bias mod to take away the harshness. This amp has balls the size of church bells. It's a one trick pony, then again so am I.
5150 212 ComboJJ'sJJ's5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 IIIJJ ElectronicJJ Electronic5150 IIIModification: For the Phase Inverter (V8) I use a Sovtek 12AX7LPS.
5150 212 ComboStockStock5150 212 ComboStock as far as I know, but was purchased used. I had a problem with blowing fuses for a while, but it seems to have remedied.
5150 StraightI find the cabinet on the internet ,from a guy near to my city, and I inmediatly ran for it. I use it with a 2 channel Mesa Boogie triple Rectifier, el34 power tubes. I don?t know if the combination of this head and the cabinet is the best.. but it?s very powerfull, clean and warm, specially when I turn the master to 6-7 level.... (sorry if i wrote something wrong, don?t speak english very well =) )
51505150 SlantComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 IIISTOCKSTOCK5150 IIIComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 IIjj 12ax7jj 6l6Other (include in comments)never touched, maybe someday, modded by fja or some sort, who knows, its a roarin beast, installed mesa preamp 12ax7, jj powertubes 6l6 still. playin through a mesa standard traditional 4x12 cab, with eminence v30 celestion knock offs, bbe sonic stomp/ns2, played with a eclipse 400 ltd esp.
5150 IIIStockStock5150 IIIComments and modifications to your 5150. None as yet. Fantastic amp will probably re-valve after some investigation.
5150 IIJJ Electronics ECC83S High GainJJ Electronics 6L6GCs5150 Slanti had the output transformer switch out with a custom one to get get better clarity, had the preamp modded a bit to make the gain less fizzy and more smoother,i had the lead channel modded to have the tone of the original 5150 and my guy did a mod to thicking up and warm up the crunch option on it as well
5150Other (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150
5150Other (include in comments)Absolutely stock amp head - I purchased used - Dec-2008 4x12 Straight Marshall 1960B cabinet.
5150 212 Combostockstock5150 212 Combono mods at this time
5150 212 ComboStockSovtek5150 212 ComboI bought this amp used 1 year ago. Now the powertubes have been changed to new sovtek. It works perfectly. Gain, gain, gain and more gain. :-)
5150 IIJJ ElectronicJJ Electronic5150 SlantCab serial: 11686954
51505150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 212 Combodon't know Stock tubesSovtek5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150 None, it is stock
5150groove tubesgroove tubesOther (include in comments)happy owner of this beast.right now I am running it into a behringer cab with jensens. not sure if anything was done as far as mods.It is used.
5150 II5150 SlantComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 212 ComboSovtekSovtek5150 212 ComboJust got the amp back from my tech. The clean channel is a lot more tighter..kinda fender-ish. Changed 6L6 tubes to 5881's..very different sound, very nice and warm. tech biased new tubes 'hot".
5150 212 ComboTelsa JJ'sRuby 6l6GC5150 212 ComboLove the rubies and the JJ's. I play the combo with the aid of my Mesa Boogie Cab. Use a Boss Noise Supressor. LOVE THIS THING!
5150 212 Combo5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150Svetlana (Mesa)Svetlana5150 SlantLove this amp. Recently a heater mod was done when I re-tubed.
5150 IIStockStockOther (include in comments)This website ROCKS!
5150EI elite gold V1, other Sovtek LPSSovteck WTX+Other (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150
5150 212 Combo?groove5150 212 ComboI modified this one by replacing it because my last one got stolen. but it's bone stock, I'm trying to remove the horrible buzz with pwr conditioners and gate, nothing is working, so I'll save up and send it in to be modified, because they say that the hiss and buzz can be removed.
5150 212 ComboSovtekSovtek5150 212 ComboNone...dead stock.
5150 IImix of GT`s and EH`sPhillips 6L6WGBOther (include in comments)My 5150 II is completely stock except for tube changes. I`m using it with a Mesa Boogie standard "over-sized" Rectifier 4x12 cab.
5150?sovtek 6L6Other (include in comments)its just the head so i play out of a marshall 1960 lead cab.
5150stockstockOther (include in comments)engl 4x12 angled cab
6505 ComboStockStockOther (include in comments)
51505-12AX74-6L6Other (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150 I run my 5150 through a 1960 lead marshall bottom.
5150Other (include in comments)Comments and modifications to your 5150
5150 212 ComboStockStock5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150Elctro HarmonixRuby5150 StraightJust bought the head. I could not pass up the deal of $739 brand new in the box.
5150 212 Combo5 12AX726L65150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
515012AX7A (CHINESE)6L6GC (CHINESE)5150 212 ComboNo mods...Amp seems to make too much noise...someone suggested new tubes...any suggestions?
5150 212 Combofactory installedfactory installed5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150AX7(original tubes)6L6(original tubes)5150 StraightComments and modifications to your 5150
5150 212 Combo5150 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
5150Groove TubesGroove Tubes5150 SlantManufacture date is March, 1993. I only use 2 power tubes to drop the amp down to 60 watts. This way, I can overdrive the power tubes (post gain) easier so I get a killer tone at a lower volume.
5150 212 Combomesa 12ax7smesa 6l6s5150 212 Comboother than the mesa grade a tubes this thing is stock.
5150OrigninalsOrigninals5150 Straight5150 So fucking Great!
5150 212 ComboSovtekElectro harmonix5150 212 ComboNew Power amp tubes needed to get this monster back to health after I bought it!
5150 IIStock (for now)Stock (for now)5150 Straight

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